Editorial: Lurkers beware of armed residents

The sun has risen over the past two Tuesdays to reports of burglaries and attempts to burglarize.

We're not certain that the half dozen incidents occurring over the course of a week are related, but they could well be.

Fortunately, whoever these break-in artists are, they got a dose of Western justice this week when a Clear Creek resident greeted them armed.

The pair who ran from the stolen Jeep they crashed don't appear to have been hurt in either the shooting or the accident, but hopefully they learned an important lesson.

Lurking about people's homes in the middle of the night in Western Nevada can be hazardous to the lurker.

The burglars who've hit recently don't seem to specialize in anything in particular, hitting businesses, vehicles and homes with equal enthusiasm.

They also aren't camera shy, which will hopefully make it easier for deputies to round them up before they end up getting themselves shot.

In the meantime, we can help ourselves by keeping our homes and vehicles locked overnight, cataloging valuables and being aware of what's going on around us.


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