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Educate yourself on Agenda 21Careful people. Mayor Crowell’s assurance that pedestrian and bicycle-friendly communities are what people are looking for these days is a stretch. This type of community is code for “Sustainable Development,” which is what UN Agenda 21 is trying to achieve. Google Agenda 21, click on You Tube “Agenda 21 for Dummies.” After you watch that, scroll down and click on “Democrats Against UN Agenda 21.” You see this is a nonpartisan issue. We need to educate ourselves in order to save America’s sovereignty and our personal sovereignty. A worldwide population of 500 million by the end of the 21st century is the goal of UN Agenda 21. Yes, folks, that is not a typographical error — 500 million souls. Today the worldwide population is over 6 billion. Educate yourselves and find out how we go from 6 billion to 500 million.Kathleen SliterDaytonObama is exploiting Sandy Hook tragedyI fail to see why people either cannot or choose not to see through all of the rhetoric and bravado that is emitted daily from the presidential regime. The latest diatribe is the gun control fiasco. We are all shocked and saddened by the tragic event at Sandy Hook and we do need to do something to prevent or at least lessen the chance of it happening again. That is a given. However, the regime has lost no time in exploiting this tragedy and, not surprisingly, the children, to advance its political agenda in the guise of more gun laws, which never solve the problem. All the sad looks are a sham so that we cannot see that it is actually an all-out assault on the Second Amendment. This is essential in the mind of the regime because it is the lawful amendment that grants private citizens the right to keep and bear arms. That includes the lawful means by which private citizens can protect themselves from an unjust, tyrannical government. The regime knows this and in order to maintain and gain more control, they must disarm us. In the last four years, the regime does not have a good track record in the realm of trust, except for being trustworthy to do whatever they can to harm the country. Banning so-called assault weapons would be a mistake, as we may need to have the same fire power as they, if and when it becomes necessary.Kelly MadiganCarson CityObama needs to get on road to fiscal responsibilityRecently our “imperious president” signed yet another 23 executive orders, adding to his 145 signed his first term. Why do we need Congress? Using children, in my opinion, is hypocritical to try and make his point. Gun control is not the most important issue we are facing. The economy and our debt is being pushed to the sidelines so that his administration can push forward what they have always wanted to do. The motto of the left is “Never let a crisis go by.” Mr. Obama must realize the children who were in his photo op are in crisis, not from guns but their share of our debt. As of now, each child is burdened with over $50,000. God knows what the figure will be by the time they reach adulthood. His adamant statement last week when he said, “I will raise the debt ceiling we must pay our bills, or else we will not be able to cover social security or veterans checks. I have a solution. Do not pay Congress, his Czars and all the other self serving, do nothing staff in his administration, until they get their act together, and put us on the road to fiscal responsibility.Inga SilverCarson CityWait before making changes to Carson StreetIn a recent edition of the Nevada Appeal, reader Sunni Heinrichs discussed the wisdom, or lack thereof, in regards to making Carson Street two lanes. I live very close to the downtown area and can vouch that there are only a few businesses between William and Fifth streets that would benefit from having additional parking along that route. If you spend any time watching the traffic flow, you would find that there are not that many vehicles looking for parking. Most of them are just passing through to other locations, whether north or south. A study has already been done, which estimates the cost of making the changes along Carson Street so that is something that doesn’t need to be done again, at least for now. In his State of the City speech, Mayor Crowell stated that there is a need for “major capital improvements to an aging sewer system and infrastructure such as roads.” Mayor Crowell also stated that the freeway bypass is estimated to be completed “around 2016.”Since any traffic study in regards to the flow of traffic along Carson Street after the completed bypass is functional can only be a guess, it would seem premature to make any changes at this time. Once completed, an accurate traffic flow along Carson can be conducted and published. Let’s concentrate on getting things done that really need to be fixed now instead of doing something that just isn’t a high priority, on the chance that it might work.David KnightonCarson City


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