Vets’ travel expenses

U.S. Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., has reintroduced the Veterans Travel Tax Relief Act, a bill that helps veterans across Nevada recover travel expenses for necessary visits to VA health care facilities.

“Many of Nevada’s veterans are having to travel great distances, sometimes over an hour, in order to receive primary care at the nearest veterans hospital,” said Heller. “This travel is often costly and burdensome for these heroes and their families and this tax bill will provide some much-needed and well-deserved support. Our veterans put themselves on the line all in an effort to spread freedom and democracy across the world and no doubt, claiming the benefits they earned in service to this country should never be a cost burden.”

Heller’s legislation would allow a veteran who lives farther than 25 miles from the nearest VA Medical Center to receive up to $400 in tax deductions to help compensate travel expenses when receiving treatment or examination for their service-connected disability. Currently, VA Medical Centers are in Las Vegas, Reno, Sacramento, and Salt Lake City. This bill will help rural veterans recover the costs of travel for their health care needs.


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