Christians handed Bibles to Muslims in Spain

Carson High School student Jason Peck offers a traveler the Bible in Arabic.

Carson High School student Jason Peck offers a traveler the Bible in Arabic.

Fourteen members from Silver Hills Community Church in Carson City and Covenant Presbyterian Church in Reno traveled to Algeciras, Spain, recently.

The group joined with the local Operation Transit Team at the port of Algeciras to pass out packets containing Bibles, Christian DVDs and Christian books to Muslims passing through the port on their way to Morocco. These materials were provided in Arabic and French by a team of international mission agencies.

Algeciras is the southern port of Spain, where North Africans travel back to Africa from European countries where they have been working all year for their summer holiday. Muslims from France, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Spain travel every year on ferries across the Strait of Gibraltar back to their homes in North Africa. In the port of Algeciras, the Operation Transit Teams are free to approach people and offer them these materials freely. Due to culture, gifts are freely given and received, therefore, many will accept these materials and take them back to North Africa.

During the time in Algeciras, the Carson City/Reno team handed out 1,300 packets to Muslims traveling to North Africa. They worked in two-hour shifts on the port while other team members prayed together for receptivity. During the eight days, the team met Muslims from Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Senegal and Mali.


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