Business licenses

Following are business licenses filed in Carson City in June:

Bling for the King, 1242 S. Stewart St., general business, Bling for the King LLC, owner, 775-884-080.

Busy Bees Daycare, 621 Colorado St., general business, Stephanie Avent, owner, 530-635-1368.

Capital City Appliances, 6369 Highway 50 E., general business, Alicia Pena Elba, owner, 775-883-5100.

Carson City Boxing Club, 3579 Highway 50 E., non-profit organization, Lara Francisco Peralta, owner, 775-560-4686.

Chatman Sales Inc., out-of-town business, Hawthorne, Calif., Chatman Sales Inc., owner, 909-730-6940.

Colledge, Desember, 3429 Airport Road, general business, Desember Colledge, owner, 435-830-5176.

Cuts and Curves, 900 Mallory Way, general business, Edgar Olivera, owner, 775-287-9943.

Deputy Optics, 3839 N. Carson St., general business, Wesley Deputy, owner, 775-297-4453.

Diversified Striping Systems, out-of-town business, Reno, Diversified Striping Systems, owner, 801-487-4043.

Fidelis Sustainability Distribution LLC, 204 W. Spear St., general business, Fidelis Sustainability Distribution LLC, owner, 775-886-0885.

Flores Handyman and Landscaping, 1014 Jeanell Drive, general business, Oscar Tomas Flores, owner, 775-882-1409.

GC Environmental Inc., out-of-town business, Reno, GC Environmental Inc., owner, 714-632-9969.

Georgine E. Jones, 716 N. Carson St., Suite 110, general business, Georgine E. Jones, owner, 775-841-1001.

Golden Gate Gas, 2651 Highway 50 E., general business, Golden Gate Petroleum of NV, owner, 775-850-3010.

Half Cocked Armory LLC, 1400 S. Carson St., general business, Half cocked Armory LLC, owner, 775-786-4867.

Harcourts NV 1 LLC, 320 N. Carson St., general business, Harcourts NV 1 LLC, owner, 775-826-6810.

Istorage 50 East, 3369 Highway 50 E., general business, Storage Quest Carson City LP, owner, 407-614-5918.

Istorage Business Park 50 East, 3579 Highway 50 E., general business, Storage Quest Carson City LP, owner, 407-614-5918.

Istorage Carson City, 1175 Fairview Drive, general business, Storage Quest Carson City LP owner, 407-614-5918.

Istorage Office Carson City, 1213 Fairview Drive, general business, Storage Quest Carson City LP, owner, 407-614-5918.

Kruger Electrical Corp., out-of-town business, Gardnerville, Kruger Electrical Corp., owner, 775-691-5897.

Lawton, Janelle, 1411 E. Long St., general business, Janelle Lawton, owner, 775-671-8402.

Liiv, Runno, 1535 Kings Canyon Road, online business, Runno Liiv, owner, 615-892-3875.

Marques Inc., 204 W. Spear St., general business, Marquee Inc., owner, 775-886-0773.

Maxim Healthcare Services, out-of-town business, Reno, Maxim Healthcare Services Inc., owner, 410-910-1460.

Mi Casa Too, 3809 N. Carson St., general business, P&R; Paredes LLC, owner, 775-882-4080.

Modern Fence Technologies Inc., 2520 Empire Ranch Road, general business, Modern Fence Technologies Inc., owner, 262-642-9123.

Mt. USA Inc., out-of-town business, Billerica, Mass., Morphotrust USA Inc., owner, 978-215-2400.

P.B. Brown LLC, out-of-town business, Winter Garden, Fla., P.B. Brown LLC, owner, 407-614-5918.

Pickers Paradise, 5925 Highway 50 E., general business, Alicia L. Faulkner, owner, 925-260-9651.

Radix Construction Inc., out-of-town business, Nampa, Idaho, Radix Construction Inc., owner, 208-442-7106.

Rock Paper Scissors Salon, 628 E. John St., general business, Maureen N. Shannon, owner, 775-882-6760.

Roto Rooter Contractors, out-of-town business, Sparks, Complete Service Solutions Co., owner, 702-646-7501.

The Running Sage, 2000 Mountain St., online business, 775-259-8127.

Sparkle N Splash, 2554 Ravenshorn Drive, general business, Gustavo G. Cordova, owner, 775-220-7259.

Studio Lux LLC, 1801 E. William St., Suite F, general business, Studio Lux LLC, owner, 775-881-8333.

Sweet-Splosion, out-of-town business, Reno, Michael S. Harding, owner, 775-722-8456.

Tate’s Conga Caps, out-of-town business, Incline Village, Russell Tate, owner, 775-842-5220.

The Graphics Company, 1442 E. William St., general business, Bay Swiss MFG Co. Inc., owner, 775-246-7100.

The Missing Piece, 1800 E. William St., Suite 1, general business, Kelly S. Nolan, owner, 775-315-6693.

Timberline Animals Hospital, 3309 N. Carson St., general business, Timberline Animal Hospital LLC, owner, 775-882-1686.

Window Viper Cleaning Service, 1840 N. Stewart St., general business, Sam F. Corbin, owner, 775-685-9179.


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