Clinics at Carson City Library help youths discover a love of art

Erika Bolanos, 13 and Tylor Munoz, 13, create artwork of their names on Wednesday at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada.

Erika Bolanos, 13 and Tylor Munoz, 13, create artwork of their names on Wednesday at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada.

Julianne Perkins, a 2010 Carson High School graduate who is studying art at Oregon State University, returned to her hometown this summer and is sharing her passion with area young people.

“There’s actually a lot of really talented kids here,” she said. “They’re all really receptive to what I’m teaching them.”

As part of the Carson City Library’s Summer 2013 Art Workshops for Teens, Perkins is hosting a series of artist clinics available to all young people at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada.

The clinics are free and materials are provided.

The first workshop Wednesday introduced youth to basic skills, starting with doodling their names, then practicing drawing still life, with assorted fruit and other figurines to serve as inspiration.

“I like it because it gives you better experience with art,” said Sergio Montes, 11. “Once you get better, people admire your art. They tend to love it, and you become famous.”

While some may go on to become acclaimed artists, Perkins said her hope is to help all youth find an outlet for artistic expression, regardless of its quality.

“They can just have fun with it and let loose a little bit,” she said. “If nothing else, they can goof around with it.”

Perkins’ own work, an exhibit of 25 abstract oils and acrylics, is featured in the library auditorium through Aug. 15. Teen artist participants are invited to join Perkins’ exhibition and display their work during a closing reception from 4-8 p.m. Aug. 15 of her “Breaking Free” exhibit.

Alicia Barchus, 17, already had an interest in art and appreciated Perkins’ expertise as Barchus sketched an elephant.

“I’m really bad at animals, and she was helping me with the tusks,” Barchus said. “It nice to hear from other artists other than just (Boys & Girls Club) staff.”

The next seminar, “Cutting and Pasting a New Reality,” will be from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Wednesday. Participants will create collages.

“Painting Yourself” will be from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Aug. 7. Participants will create self-portraits.

Once the seminars are complete, Tammy Westergard, interim director of the library, will host packaging seminars at the library’s @Two Digital Learning Center. Youth will learn the elements of describing and packaging original work to provide context about the artist for those who come to see work displayed publicly. This includes developing artists statements, taking artist pictures and creating informational fliers and posters.

Tylor Munoz, 13, was eager to participate in the seminars and develop his own point of view.

“This is awesome,” he said. “You get to draw the way you want the picture to look.”


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