Letters to the editor for Saturday, July 27, 2013

Staggering medical bill shows health care reform is overdue

A few weeks ago, I was informed that it was time to replace my pacemaker. The procedure was performed with me as an out-patient. All went well, and I was home by noon. That was on July 9, and on July 19 I received a statement from the hospital (mind you, this statement does not include the surgeon’s fee) for the amount of $27,280.60!

I have been listening to the debate over the idea of affordable health Care (Obamacare) and if I had any doubts about having such a plan, they were dispelled when I read that hospital statement. I am sure that Medicare will come up with a much lower amount and because I do not carry other health insurance, I will be billed for the co-payment which will not be an exorbitant co-payment. But what about younger people who are not covered by Medicare or cannot afford health insurance?

Wake up folks! Just because you take good care of yourself and lead a healthy lifestyle cannot prevent you from experiencing a medical emergency such as this. I shouldn’t complain, I guess. They didn’t charge me for the slip-proof socks I was given in the out-patient department!

Mary Ann Bennett

Carson City

Thanks to those who helped transport stranded rail riders

On June 30, the Pedlar fire started in Gold Hill, preventing the 3 p.m. return trip of the V & T excursion to Virginia City. We called on our friends and partners who supplied shuttles and buses in a moment’s notice to help return the train passengers to the Eastgate Depot in Carson City. So on behalf of the Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V & T Railway, we would like to thank the Plaza Hotel, the Carson Station, Capital Christian Center and the Carson City JAC bus division. Your quick and unselfish behavior showed our passengers that their safety and good experience is our first goal.

A special thanks to Thomas Gray, owner and operator of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad and the depot and train staff who coordinated the return trips and assisted each passenger. In our effort to create a first class experience, we have offered each and every passenger of that day a free complimentary round trip ticket to re-affirm our commitment to making the V & T experience one of Northern Nevada’s premier attraction. Thank you partners, friends and staff. Your assistance is most appreciated and noteworthy!

Dwight Millard

Carson City


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