2 arrested after allegedly trying to flee Carson City deputies

Two men were arrested Tuesday afternoon after they attempted to flee on foot after deputies spotted them in a stolen car, according to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.

According to a news release:

Deputies on patrol spotted Ian Lister, 35, and Joseph Scurti, 25, in the West Alley parking area at 777 Silver Oak Drive.

When they saw the patrol car, they pulled the vehicle back into the parking space, got out and walked away.

The deputy realized the license plate belonged to a vehicle reported stolen Monday and ordered the two to halt and lie on the ground.

Lister initially stopped but, according to the arrest report, Scurti fled on foot. Then Lister fled in the opposite direction.

Other deputies were called for help and eventually, Lister was arrested in front of Mi Casa Too on Carson Street.

Scurti was taken into custody near the Dolphin Bay Apartments.

The vehicle was returned to its owner.

Lister was charged with felony receiving and possession of stolen property and obstructing a police officer. Bail on the felony was set at $25,000. The bail for obstructing was set at $300.

Scurti was arrested on suspicion of obstructing a police officer and held in lieu of $300 bail.


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