Senate bill would let retirees work for state, keep pensions

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Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, introduced legislation Thursday that he said would make it easier for the governor to persuade retirees with valuable experience to take upper-level appointments.SB231 was referred to the Senate Government Affairs Committee for study.He said that under current law, a state or other government employee stops receiving his or her retirement checks after going back to work in a state job. His legislation would let them keep receiving their pension checks.“A lot of times, a person the governor wants to appoint has specific knowledge,” Segerblom said. “Often the people most experienced in an area are probably retired.”He said the law wouldn't grant blanket permission for retirees to take another state job and keep their pension checks coming. It would only apply to positions the governor appoints directly.With that limit, Segerblom said he doesn't think the legislation would have a significant impact on the Public Employees Retirement System.


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