Carson Perspective: Carson policy-makers’ fascinations include football, sashimi, oldies TV

Carson City policy-makers entered March marching to the beat of a different drummer or five, according to recent musings, though they got that way over time.The mayor and city-county government’s four supervisors, along with some city staffers, opened a recent strategic planning workshop with one of those mindless yet mindful self-revelatory exercises.In short, they spilled their guts about personal fun and foibles during a getting-to-know-you opener to the session. It was a hoot.Mayor Robert Crowell and Supervisor Jim Shirk say their wives loom large in their lives.“My hobby is doing what my wife tells me to do,” said Crowell. He also confessed to a weakness for sashimi, which is a step beyond sushi and provides raw fish sans rice. Go figure.The mayor says he has a titanium rod in one leg, which can make things interesting lining up for airplane boardings.With Shirk, there is a specific chore he often handles at his wife’s suggestion. Apparently, he rarely shirks presumed vows to obey his spouse when it comes to what she thinks he should read. Regarding television, he prefers oldies like “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” Backpacking, snowboarding and living in a female household keep him busy.Supervisor John McKenna was once a drill sergeant, likes NCIS TV shows and enjoys almost any film that has some point to it.In the man’s-best-friend department, he currently lives in terrier territory. Computer-building and the Tahoe Rim Trail also are on McKenna’s radar screen of interests.Supervisor Karen Abowd likes middle eastern food, which works well given that her husband, Charlie, knows a thing or two about cooking it. She’s into family, gardening, painting and playing piano, and she dances; more on that last item in a week or so.“I’m not a TV person,” Abowd added. “I’m an avid public radio person.”When it comes to not being a TV person, none of the other policy-makers can top Supervisor Brad Bonkowski until football season.He says he hasn’t had a TV set for 25 years, but confessed to cheating in sports bars when fall crunch time comes and the big boys butt heads.Bonkowski and his 15-year female partner are about to become empty-nesters, he says. Could that mean more time to hit those sports bars or indulge other passions such as hunting and fishing?Now to the week ahead: The board meets Thursday at 8:30 a.m. in the Community Center Sierra Room. Among agenda items is a resolution to clarify who speaks on city-county government’s behalf regarding legislative issues.The Parks and Recreation Commission meets in the same room at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Discussions are slated on bike, walking and multi-use paths along Fifth and East William streets, as well as on maintenance and possible upgrades to the Mills Park skateboard area.• John Barrette covers Carson City government and business. He can be reached at


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