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Term limits also limit corruption and greedOur representatives in Washington are acting like boys on a playground, running amok without little or no adult supervision. Their leader is busy spreading his campaign of fear while Congress is blaming each other. The real blame lies with the voters who re-elected most of the “boys” who caused this debacle in the first place. Every day we hear of cuts that will hurt us all, i.e.. prison inmates freed, pink slips for teachers, our security will be threatened and a loss of 750,000 jobs. These scare tactics are deplorable, if not farcical. If cutting $85 billion from a budget of $3.2 trillion will cause Armageddon only proves how inept Washington really is. I would like to know how the remaining 97.7 percent of the money in the budget is allocated. I suspect a great deal is waste, fraud and abuse. The time has come to demand term limits for Congress. We need young representatives who have not yet been corrupted by the system and be replaced before they are. Teddy Roosevelt said it best, “We need to make our political representatives more quickly and sensitively responsive to the people whose servants they are.”Our government must make certain that the men to whom the people delegate their power of authority shall serve the people by whom they are elected, not the special interests. Inga SilverCarson CityLiberals misunderstand who gave us our rightsAmericans rely on certain rights, but laws against “hate speech” are eroding the right of free speech. “Reasonable gun control” is infringing the right of self defense. “Anti terrorism” is used to violate the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments. Laws are not being used to protect our rights but to take them away. The Constitution does no good if it’s ignored. The people cannot be relied on. Slavery was okay with the people. We interned our Japanese citizens because they looked different. Have any of you ever faced a lynch mob?Judges determine what is fair. But what is fair about using eminent domain to take your property and give it to a big developer? I, the individual, can claim my rights. But I am too weak to defend them. I must depend on the one who gave me my rights.This is why Liberals say, “God must die.” The founders recognized that a “higher power” gave us inalienable rights. “He” guaranteed them. The founders used words such as “Almighty” and “Creator.”If socialists are to take away our rights, then “God must die!”Frank Z. PaluchCarson City


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