Vandals destroy middle school, house, car windows Saturday night and Sunday morning

Vandals went on a destruction spree sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning, breaking windows at Carson Middle School and houses and cars on King, Minnesota and adjacent streets.

The vandals broke 10 windows at Carson Middle School, the Manager of Operations and Supply Management Mark Korinek said.

Korinek said he found rocks ranging in size from softballs to 6-7 inches in diameter that presumably caused the broken windows at the middle school.

Sheriff Ken Furlong said his staff have been taking reports of windows shattered, possibly by a high-powered BB gun. The windows have been in houses and cars, in addition to the middle school, he said.

"It appears to be random shooting," Furlong said, adding the culprits might have been driving around at the time.

When exactly the shootings started is unclear.

"We started getting calls from people when they woke up this morning," Furlong said.

"Anyone with video footage, I would ask them to review it" and, if it is fruitfull, call the non-emergency dispatch line at 887-2008.

The windows at Carson Middle School have been patched up and repairs will begin Monday, Korinek said.


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