Amodei introduces land bills to spur economic development

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Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev., has introduced four lands bills he says will spur economic development in Fernley, Fallon, Storey County and Carlin.

The Fernley measure would allow that city to purchase up to 9,114 acres of BLM property within the city at fair market value. The land could be used for multi-use development.

His Fallon Naval Air Station Housing and Safety Act would transfer 400 acres of BLM property inside the air station to the Secretary of the Navy. That would provide space for 200 homes for navy families. He said BLM made the request 20 plus years ago but the transfer still hasn’t happened.

The Restoring Storey Act would give that county surface rights to 1,745 acres of BLM land in Virginia City to resolve conflicting ownership and title claims.

Amodei said the problem dates to the 19th century, caused by faulty surveys, lost documentation and maps without the data to sort ownership claims.

“The property in question has been occupied for decades by families who believe they own it when, legally, they’re considered trespassers on BLM land,” he said.

Under the legislation, BLM would surrender all surface rights to Storey County.

Much like the Fernley measure, the Carlin Economic Self-determination Act would give that city the ability to buy BLM land surrounding Carlin at fair market value for development.


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