Just more stumbling, bumbling fools

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When Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana gave the rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union address several years ago, many in the press thought his performance was so bad it destroyed any chance of him succeeding on the national political stage.

I thought the Republicans couldn’t have possibly selected anyone worse. Then this year along came Sen. Marco Rubio, the

Republican’s shining new star, and the Tea Party’s Messiah. He turned out to be just another stumbling, bumbling fool, whose performance was worse than Jindal’s.

So much for shining stars. Rubio cannot be found in any galaxy. You could lead this guy to water and he still wouldn’t know how to take a drink. But it is his voting record that is all wet. Few have a worse record on women’s issues. His recent vote against the Violence Against Women’s Act is just another in a litany of votes which expose him as being just another Republican who is scared to death of women. Perhaps he should be. Many women can do math, something at which the Republicans fail miserably, according to their budget.

While in the Florida house, his votes were consistently anti-women’s rights, most clearly anti the right to choose. He voted twice in the Senate against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.

On June 12, 2012, he voted against women again, when he voted nay on S-3220, the Paycheck Fairness Act. Rubio still believes a woman has no right to expect to be paid the same wage a man earns for doing the same work. I swear these clowns would roll back women’s suffrage if given half a chance.

The Republicans up north would be wise to check Rubio’s record on voting for disaster relief for the northeast after Hurricane Sandy. He voted nay on HR 152, the Hurricane Relief Act. Bet his vote would have been different had the Hurricane stuck Florida.

It appears as if some Republicans are so desperate for a leader they have pulled Jeb Bush out of the closet and are dusting him off for a run in 2016. He has not ruled out running. Just what we all need, another Bush. Lord have mercy.

However, the cut and gut the government conservatives are none too happy with Bushe. They speak almost as ill of George Bush as they do of President Obama.

The Republican who would give the Democrats a run for their money is Chris Christie, but don¹t kid yourself, he is no friend of the Democrats. The ultra-conservatives and the Tea Party are so angry with him they won’t even invite him to their affairs. He praised Obama therefore he has the plague.

The number of billionaires listed in Forbes Magazine increased by 16 percent in 2012 and the bonuses given to Wall St. Executives increased by eight percent. Still, every stumbling, bumbling fool who would be the leader of the Republicans refuses to increase the taxes on the most wealthy by even one penny. They are supported by House Republicans led by the Tea Party Caucus. Don’t kid yourself: House Republican Leader John Boehner is little more than a figurehead. The Tea Party is in charge, and they don¹t want just less government, they want to dismantle our government all together. Rubio,

Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan and their like will protect their rich friends by cutting funding for pre-school, teachers, firemen, needed infrastructure improvements, policemen, Medicaid, and medical care for our fallen soldiers. That’s not what the people voted for. These greedy people have a heart with a zipper. It stores their cash, leaving no room for empathy, compassion, or fair play.

The people voted for a balanced approach to our financial problems. We want a program which raises taxes on the most wealthy and spending cuts that don’t impact education, healthcare, and employment. The Republicans never, never listen to the people. They have gerrymandered districts all over this country to ensure that they will be re-elected even when they tell the majority of common folks to go pound sand.

Many people don’t realize that borrowing money to build highways and bridges, keeping our teachers on the job, and spending money to improve the economy and reduce unemployment is a very smart thing to do at this time since the interest on the money we are now borrowing is just about at the lowest level ever. Infrastructure improvements are an absolute necessity right now. The Republicans will kick this can down the road until we have to borrow money to do this work at a much higher rate. That’s dumb.

Glen McAdoo, a Churchill County resident can be contacted at glynn@phonewave.net.


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