Carson City Past Pages for Tuesday, March 26

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130 Years Ago

Another plaster cast of a human form has been taken from the mould left in the ashes at Pompeii and shows a man seated at an onyx table, his hand under the projecting leaf reaching for a cold deck of cards on a little ledge. The archeologist brings up from the past evidence of a civilization which reigned in the olden days equal in all respect to our own Carson times ...

120 Years Ago

Haskell, the Shirt Fiend, creates dissatisfaction by failing to show up during the session. Many shirt fronts were spoiled during that time. No other shirt man can do a dollar’s worth of business in Carson but “the only Haskell.” One man has been going round all winter with a thick overcoat buttoned around his neck to hide the absence of boiled shirt. Haskell is at the Arlington, and as homely and bashful as ever.

70 Years Ago

The Burlington shoe store was burglarized. The safe had been broken open and the contents were found scattered on the floor ... Two soldiers face prosecution.

50 Years Ago

The Saturn super rocket and Explorer 17 satellite were set for space launching. Saturn, the 165-foot-tall 470 ton behemoth and Explorer 17, perched atop a three-stage Delta rocket, is also set to launch at the same time. The satellite is packed with instruments to measure temperature, pressures, composition and density of the earth’s atmosphere ...

3 0 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Luxury Theatres: “Return of the Black Stallion,” “The Man from Snowy River,” “High Road to China,” — $2 adults, $1 children.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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