Carson City superintendent’s review favorable

Richard Stokes

Richard Stokes

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Using a new method of evaluation, the Carson City School Board rated Superintendent Richard Stokes’ performance as “very satisfactory.”

“I think, in general, we have a superintendent who works very hard to satisfy all stakeholders,” said trustee Steve Reynolds. “I think that’s reflected in this evaluation.”

While the evaluation is typically conducted entirely in public, this year board members each filled out a survey, rating the superintendent on a scale of 1-4 in a variety of areas. Those ratings were averaged to determine his overall score, and results were discussed during Tuesday’s meeting.

In his fourth year as superintendent, Stokes received his highest scores in professionalism, averaging a 3.8 out of 4 in those areas.

Board clerk Ron Swirczek said he gave Stokes a 4 in those categories.

“We’ve got a superior superintendent in this realm,” Swirczek said. “I’ve watched Richard at the Legislature and how he conducts himself. I see the respect he’s gained for that.”

His lowest scores, 2.8, came in keeping the board informed of issues and in leading and guiding staff in “achieving highest standards of excellence in education programs and operating systems.”

Overall, his score averaged a 3.34, coinciding with a very satisfactory rating.

“Mr. Stokes, you are doing a fine job, you really are,” said board President Lynnette Conrad. “The greatest quality is that you listen to everybody. As a board member and as a parent, I really appreciate that.”

Stokes said he was grateful for the favorable review.

“Let me say how proud and pleased I am to represent the Carson City School District,” he said. “I love the school district. I love my job. I love the people I work with. They are truly, above and away, the heart and soul of the Carson City School District.”

Also at the school board meeting:

• Elementary school counselors in the Carson City School District opposed the proposal to cut their positions as outlined in the tentative budget.

• Keith Shaffer, capital projects manager, outlined a plan to create single points of entry at all Carson City School District schools with funds from the first phase of the 2010 rollover bond.


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