Ex-Washoe tribal chairwoman says she wasn’t removed via recall

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Former Washoe Tribal Chairwoman Wanda Batchelor said she resigned Friday ahead of a meeting Monday night in Woodfords to discuss a recall petition.

“I was not removed through a recall,” she said. “At 5 p.m. Friday I submitted my resignation to human resources and emailed the tribal council.”

Reports that she was recalled at the Monday meeting were wrong, Batchelor said. The tribe didn’t respond to requests for comment.

She said she had just returned from her brother’s funeral Tuesday, and that she was told the council accepted her resignation Monday.

“There was a recall petition,” Batchelor said. “I understand they did not hear it on Monday night, and accepted my resignation. In it I declared I stand proud; I never did anything wrong. I’ve always done the best I can do.”

In 2010, Batchelor became the first woman elected to lead the Washoe Tribe. She said the tribal council approved or backed her in the things she was accused of in the petition.

The tribe will have to call a special election to choose a new chair.


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