Agencies get refresher course in fireworks permits

Fire inspectors and investigators played pyrotechnician Tuesday morning, if only to shoot off a single firework each.

The investigators and inspectors learned about pyrotechnics, including fireworks and lasers.

Dave Ruben, Carson fire prevention captain, said it was a good refresher course since his unit doesn’t see fireworks on a consistent basis.

“We want to make sure (fireworks displays) are safe for the public,” Ruben said, wearing two hats. He is also on the board of the Northern Nevada chapter of the International Organization of Arson Investigators, which sponsored the pyrotechnician to come to Carson City to teach and refresh about 30 students.

“They do this as a public service. We get the benefit,” Ruben said.

The investigators and inspectors ranged from fire departments in Reno to a couple of officers from the state fire marshal’s office, a “good regional turnout,” Ruben said.

“It’s not something we deal with every day,” he said. “We only see them a handful of times a year.”

Even though officials have codes to look at, the professional expertise of the pyrotechnician allows the officials to gain further knowledge and insight to the workings. What safe work practices for technicians are; what the pyrotechnics should be coming in; how they should be packaged; and what other places do for permitting were all on the table.

A State Fire Marshal representative also gave an update on changes to current regulations.

Fire personnel discussed permitting packets and practices, allowing fellow agencies to see where a practice can be copied.

The Carson City Fire Department hosted the event at its training grounds at the airport.


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