Gaming regulators fine Casino Fandango for previously unlicensed manager’s role

Carson City’s Casino Fandango has agreed to pay a $12,500 fine for employing an unlicensed manager and giving him a percentage of profits.

According to a complaint, casino manager Court Cardinal wasn’t properly licensed when he took over the gaming operation, and he didn’t file an application for licensing prior to his appointment or within 30 days after that appointment.

The complaint also charges that in February 2012, owner Garry Goett transferred a 1 percent interest in the operation to Cardinal. That transfer wasn’t reported to the Gaming Control Board first and wasn’t approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission.

In the ensuing three months, the complaint says, Cardinal collected his 1 percent without being licensed to do so.

Both violate state law and constitute what regulators term “an unsuitable method of operation.”

Cardinal said he was licensed, but not for that position at the time. He declined further comment pending the Gaming Commission approval of the settlement except to say he is now properly licensed.

The Gaming Control Board has recommended accepting the settlement, which must be approved by the Gaming Commission.


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