Works dives in as Carson’s new deputy city manager

Marena Works, who headed Carson City’s Health and Human Services Department for nearly five years, views her new role as Carson City’s deputy city manager as a challenge and an opportunity.

Works, named recently by City Manager Larry Werner to the post after the Board of Supervisors authorized it weeks ago, said Tuesday she is already tackling various matters as her role evolves going forward.

“A lot of it is still unfolding,” she said during her first full week at City Hall. She said one thing clear already is that she will have a chance to work on development and redevelopment aspects for the city.

“That is one of my key assignments,” Works said.

Works has an extensive background in public health. She began as director of health and human services in the capital city in June 2008, after having worked as the clinic manager with the department, as well as serving with the Carson City School District from 2001-2005.

She earned her master’s degree in nursing and public health in 2007 from the University of Nevada, Reno. She earned her bachelor’s of science in nursing in 1995. She also holds a certification in Public/Community Health Nursing from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

The deputy position was authorized at a March 20 supervisors’ meeting, at Werner’s request, but only by a 3-2 tally. The newest board members, Jim Shirk and Brad Bonkowski, dissented.

Shirk said he wanted a nationwide search for someone capable of replacing Werner should he choose to retire. Bonkowski questioned Werner regarding savings that might result, but Werner said it was mostly for efficiency and better service rather than savings.

The pay was set at $125,000 annually and, with benefits, Werner said the total cost would be about $180,000. The position was an upgraded slot from a vacancy in Werner’s office for a grants coordinator. Only part of the salary will come from city government’s general fund sources, according to Werner.


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