Carson City’s Chamber of Commerce seeks residents’ input online

Carson City’s Chamber of Commerce seeks residents’ input for Dialogue 2013 via a questionnaire on SurveyMonkey.

The initiative, which began in March at a Chamber “Soup’s On!” luncheon event, also has elicited opinions from Western Nevada College students, teens at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada, and seniors at the Carson City Senior Center. More face-to-face surveys are planned before results are disclosed.

“We know that you may not be able to attend some of our meetings,” the chamber said in a newsletter available at, “thus we seek your input in another form. The survey is simple and should be self-explanatory, and is completely anonymous.”

Under an image of three monkeys displayed in speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil mode, the chamber asked that people wanting to participate go to to take the short survey. It asks people to rank, on a scale of 1-8, the reasons they live, work and play in Carson City; and, 1-10, how they think the city will look in 2020. There also is a space for added comments.

The questions and solicitation of general comments are in an abbreviated format similar to that used at the initial late March luncheon effort and subsequent survey events involving students and seniors.


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