Letters to the editor for Wednesday, May 29, 2013

People of all stripes have right to opinions

You seem to think that all newspapers should agree with you and your Liberal friends. Well Mr. Fischer, all peoples have a right to speak their mind. Even you.

Your comments about Mrs. Bednarski leads us to believe that only the Liberals have a right to express an opinion. The Appeal has a right to run any story they want, as long as it is the opinion of someone like Mrs. Bednarski. And I think she hit the nail on the head.

Bill Beil

Carson City

Obama administration flees responsibility

As the scandals metastasized last week, it became clear that the Obama administration either lied or everyone is incompetent. Mr. Obama knew nothing about the IRS, Mr. Holder knew nothing about the AP phone logs, Mrs. Clinton dances around Benghazi by giving vague answers, and Press Secretary Carney doesn’t know anything. What does this administration know?

The head of the Tax Exempt Division claims she was not aware that these egregious offenses were taking place. Her incompetency or (cover-up ) has been rewarded with a promotion. She is to head up Obamacare. That is a chilling thought for all Americans.

It is obvious this administration is arrogant and slovenly when it comes to seeing rules are followed.

Inga Silver

Carson City

‘Gone with the Wind’ had flaws, still is great

Bob Thomas’ column of May 16 was very interesting to me as a movie buff (although I do disagree that Bette Davis was hard to look at). But if you’re going to refer to movie trivia, better get it right.

“Gone with the Wind” did have many gimmicks used at the time, like matte painting (using 2 or 3 pictures together to create one scene). A good example is Scarlett and her father standing together watching the sunset with Tara in the distance, all done with three separate matte paintings done at separate times: Scarlett and her father; the sunset; and Tara), the miniature steamboat that took Scarlett and Rhett on their honeymoon to New Orleans to the burning of Atlanta. Atlanta was not built and then burned. About 40 acres of the RKO Pictures studio lot had a lot of old sets that were burned to make way for the building of the sets for “Gone with the Wind.” These old sets included the great wall/gate in 1933’s “King Kong” and the native village in front of the wall/gate, the Temple of Jerusalem from Cecil B. DeMille’s “King of Kings” plus part of the house, Manderley, from “Rebecca.”

But gimmicks or not, I do agree that “Gone With the Wind” is the greatest motion picture ever made.

Carole Tripp


Nurse Ruth Wherry deserves high praise

There is no one that deserves a write up more than Ruth Wherry. Every word of that article is true, plus much more. She is one person that does more than above and beyond.

My first encounter with Ruth was when she came to take care of my husband as a visiting nurse. As the years went by, I was fortunate to have her become my friend. If Ruth is your friend, you are one of many. She is a phone call away if you need someone to share good or bad. If it is bad, your phone will ring every day until she knows things are okay. Thanks Ruth, my friend, for knowing you.

Agnes Williams

Carson City


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