Medical marijuana dispensary moratorium approved by board

Carson City’s Board of Supervisors voted Thursday to impose a moratorium of at least six months on what to do about the state’s Medical Marijuana Act.

The Legislature passed the law on medical marijuana dispensaries, but District Attorney Neil Rombardo and community-development director Lee Plemel sought the moratorium at least until state regulations are completed. Rombardo said two would be authorized in Carson City if the board allows them, but decisions on zoning for where they could be located, as well as on local regulations, need to await more clarity from the state.

Rombardo also said he opposes having such dispensaries in the capital, but that was a question for the board on a later day.

The board, acting with Sheriff Ken Furlong, approved Kurtis Montgomery as liquor manager for Buffalo Wild Wings at 3815 S. Carson St., which will open Nov. 18. Montgomery is an owner-manager of the 11-outlet franchise called Screamin’ Hot Reno LLC, which also has another Nevada location in Sparks.

In addition, Just Brew It was allowed to relocate from 1210 to 1214 N. Carson St. and upgrade the liquor license from just packaged liquor to packaged and on premises sales.

Acting as the city’s governing board, the mayor and supervisors approved an inter-local contract with Douglas County for the city to provide environmental services in that county through mid-2016. The contract starts at $137,690 the initial year and escalates the final year to $256,000.

The board also took the next routine paperwork step in issuing about $30 million worth of utility bonds, gave final authorization for development agreement fees, started the process to rescind a business license of Chatham Sales Inc., and reviewed and accepted a South Carson street corridor business-revitalization plan. The board earlier heard other plans from the downtown, east and north business corridors of the city.


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