A checklist for hunters

Hunters must be prepared before heading out into the wild.

Hunters must be prepared before heading out into the wild.

As hunters continue the 2013-14 season, here’s a brief checklist of equipment and tags needed during a trip.

There are a lot of things to think about before, during and after your big game hunt. Print off this helpful checklist to ensure that you have or have done the following things:

Before Leaving Home

Do you have your tag and license?

Are you sure your tag matches the location you plan to be hunting in?

Do you have a map of the location you will be hunting?

Do you know the season dates of your hunt? (See the front of your tag)

Is your rifle sighted in?

Do you have the necessary items to properly care for the animal once successful?

Do you have string or wire to attach your tag to the carcass?

Have you thoroughly reviewed the wildlife laws or regulations applicable to your hunt?

Are you sure you have all the necessary personal camping and survival gear? Do you have enough supplies should you become stranded, or out longer than you planned?

Is your vehicle in good working condition?

Have you left a family member or friend a plan of where you will be hunting and camping. Does this plan say when you plan to return?

In the Field

Are all hunters in your party aware that they must have only their tag and license in their possession?

Are you sure your tag matches the location you will be hunting?

Are all rifles and shotguns unloaded when in or on a vehicle?

Are all hunters aware that they must shoot their own game and no one else’s?

Are all hunters aware of legal shooting hours?

Do you know you must punch your tag immediately upon reaching your downed game? Do you know how to properly punch your tag?

Do you know the proper time to attach your tag to the carcass is when you reach your mode of transportation (truck, horse, four wheeler) or camp, whichever is first?

Did you retain the cape of your big game animal?

Is the carcass properly cared for so no spoilage will occur?

Returning Home

Is every hunter traveling with his or her tagged animal?

If someone other than yourself will be transporting your tagged animal, do they have a transportation permit? Transportation permits are available at NDOW regional offices, from wardens in the field, and select license agents.

Do you know the cape and carcass must remain together?

At Home

If you are going to take the head to a taxidermist, did you know you need to keep the tag with the meat?

Do you know the tag must remain with the meat until consumed?

If you take the meat to a commercial facility for processing or preservation, do you know the tag still remains with the meat?

Did you return your big game hunting questionnaire within 15 weekdays after the close of the season?


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