Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013

Don’t let anger over Rollie hurt pets currently at shelter

I understand the outrage over Rollie and the resolve to see changes made to ensure this never happens again. I also understand people’s desire to make their views known either by letter to the editor or boycotting the animal shelter. But who loses here? The animals do. People are staying away from the shelter in droves, yet more animals keep coming in that need a safe place until they can find their forever homes. Please do not abandon them in this way.

Carson Animal Services Initiative is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 charity founded with the specific goal of raising funds to build a new, larger, quality animal shelter in Carson City — one that our homeless pets deserve and our citizens can be proud of. CASI is an entirely separate entity not affiliated with the animal shelter. If you want to do something to help, adopt or foster an animal from the shelter. You will be making a statement that all our animals matter to us. Please don’t let your need for vindication and justice for Rollie cloud your judgment on what is really important here: the need for a larger, animal and people-friendly animal shelter for all. Working together, we can do this.

Visit CASI’s website friendsofcasi.org for further information about us. “Like” us on Facebook. Make a donation to CASI to help us reach our goal. Attend our fundraising events — the next ones are the 5K-9 on Sept. 21 and Pooch Plunge on Sept. 28.

Linda McKenzie

Carson City

heg heg

In Mr. Neumann’s letter to the editor blasting me for making an observation, his use of bogus stats is as comical as it is tragic. He ripped Obama for passing “a worthless health care bill” while I applaud him for trying to help the millions of uninsured including myself. It’s refreshing to see any politician nowadays who isn’t controlled by the three branches of government: Pharmaceutical, Big Oil and the NRA.

House Republicans are too busy passing bills that hurt everyone else (voters, women, minorities, veterans, gays, seniors, the working poor, etc.) to be bothered with a measly jobs bill or affordable healthcare (because they have them, to hell with us!). Any congressman who purposely destroys their country to make the president look bad is not only a racist but a traitor.

It’s interesting to see that Mr. Neumann attributes “the real problem” to a bogus number of “black children being born without a father figure” and black unemployment, “except for the sales of illegal drugs.” With such racially loaded misinformation I needn’t say a word. Mr. Neumann makes my case for me. We can talk politics till the cows come home over a friendly beer, or we can take it outside. Doesn’t matter. I can use all the facts available to me, yet to change the mind of a bigot is impossible because hate has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence. It dwells in the heart ... what’s left of it. Stall your hate.

Robin Christy

Carson City

heg heg

The Nevada Appeal article on Aug. 28 states that Lyon County School District is revising its sex education policy. I also understand from an article in the same paper a week prior that Lyon County accounts for the highest percentage of teenage pregnancies in the state of Nevada.

All legal and medical methods of birth control ought to be taught and explained how their usage can prevent pregnancies. Having a child is not an “inconvenience” nor is it an “inconsequential action.” You will be raising a human being. That includes moral and financial responsibility.

I keep hearing about “reproductive choices for women.” It almost sounds as if you are deciding what to have for lunch. Teenage girls need to be focused on the real life responsibility of giving birth and raising a human being.

You can walk away from as many boyfriends and husbands as you like; however, giving birth is a moral and financial responsibility and not to be confused with having sex for whatever emotions you might feel at the time. Teenage girls need to be prepared to make the distinction between the act of sex and the commitment of raising a human being.

Linda Adams



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