Past Pages for Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013

140 Years Ago

Hefty: John Stewart came to town from California where he has been keeping a railroad hotel. He is a hugely fat man and stopped in to see George Tufly. We met this pair of heavies and learned that the two of them weighed just 616 pounds — Tufly’s share of the avoirdupois being 322 pounds ...

130 Years Ago

Spare the catfish: There is wanton destruction of catfish in Washoe Lake. Fish have been planted there but a few years and are now five inches long. There should be a stop put to the practice of catching “big strings.” Some think nothing of catching a hundred in an afternoon and then selling them to private parties. No man who has respect for the traditions of angling will catch 10 times more fish than he can simply eat ...

120 Years Ago

The Wheel of Fortune: Parties who whirl the wheel of fortune say that injustice was done them by a kick made by parties who claim the wheel is not squarely run. To prove this, they allowed any one who bet to turn the wheel. The wheel was running at a great pace yesterday.

70 Years Ago

Members of the 20-30 Club at Bowers Mansion enjoyed a picnic dinner. The supper was cooked by Mrs. Dominque Laxalt at the French Hotel and taken out to the grounds. Jim Hickey and Lon Wright were on the committee in charge.

50 Years Ago

Nixon’s warning: Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon said that the limited nuclear test-ban treaty marks the beginning of the “most dangerous period in the Cold War.” The Senate must approve the treaty or, “I believe the ban will be followed by the launching of a stepped-up Soviet offensive in the free world to extend communism without war.”

30 Years Ago

V&T Roundhouse: Money problems are holding up redevelopment for the V&T Roundhouse. Federal low-interest loans have been put on hold and so were plans to develop the 107-year-old roundhouse into a series of specialty shops with a railroad theme.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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