Tax rally speakers take feds to task on constitutional issues

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Speakers at the annual Tax Day rally on Sunday took the federal government to task for impeding on individual rights, specifically with the Second Amendment and the Affordable Healthcare Act or Obamacare.

District Attorney Art Mallory prefaced his comments by saying they were his own and not aligned with any organization. He emphasized it was a good thing the nation’s forefathers wrote down the amendments.

Mallory said law enforcement does a good job in protecting community and its residents, but he said the problem occurs when criminals act when the police are not present.

“If you believe in a free society to determine your safety, you should be armed and well trained,” Mallory said, adding if criminals know this, the less likely they strike against an armed person. “Without a Second Amendment, other rights we enjoy would not be protected.”

Two sheriffs also gave their perspective on constitutional issues.

Churchill County Sheriff Ben Trotter discussed the difference between a right and a privilege and said he can’t recall a time in history that the government’s wisdom proved to be the best for its people.

Trotter said the hope is not rising up in arms but relying on local government.

“Stay involved, stay motivated,” Trotter stressed.

Lyon County Sheriff Alan Veil said he and Trotter both support the Second Amendment; however, Veil said the problem lies with lawmakers.

“The primary duty of government is law and order, and everything else is secondary,” he said.

He said the local sheriff is facing more problems with the federal government — specifically the Bureau of Land Management — in what can be enforced by local law enforcement. He said several months ago at a Western States Sheriffs Conference, the BLM told the sheriffs to compromise on law enforment issues.

Veil, who feels the federal government is trying to usurp the power of state and county government, took exception to the BLM’s request.

“The sheriff is the last safeguard against state and federal governments,” he added.

Dr. Robin Titus, a physician who lives in Smith Valley and is running for Assembly District 38, told a horror story associated with Obamacare. As the only doctor within a 30-mile radius, Titus said the healthcare act poses challenges for her patients. She blasted President Barack Obama for telling people they could keep their health insurance and provider.

“He lied,” she said.

Titus said one of her patients was told he could not keep his current plan, which cost $800 per month; instead, he was informed his premium would increased to $1,600 per month and the deductible would rise from $5,000 to $10,000 a year. Additionally, the Smith Valley physician said more healthcare will be rationed, but insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies will take in more money.

Jim Falk, secretary of the Fallon Tea Party, gave a quick overview on Common Core, a federal standards program that dictates what must be taught and how in mathematics and English language skills. Falk said opposition against Common Core, which is more of a federal than state program, is facing more resistance across the country.

A handful of candidates running for county office and Assembly also spoke at the rally.


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