Letters to the editor for Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Letter draws ridiculous conclusions about candidate

Interesting Mr. Robbins believes that Ms. Helget lacks necessary experience for the Board of Supervisors because of her job with NDOT. What are the requirements? A nodding head?

Apparently she and I were gorging from the same trough during some of the same years although I do not know her. What I do know is a lot of money in Carson comes from those of us who gorged at city, county, state or federal troughs. It is ludicrous when she has the time and effort to participate she becomes a “double dipper.” What are business owners who are supervisors if not double dippers, not to mention conflict of interest. What credentials does any current board member have in city planning?

The fact the city has promised you changes is a problem with our current government. Folks, start looking at the properties owned by the Adams Foundation and their locations. Smack dab in the middle of downtown redevelopment area. This can be found on the Assessor’s website (of course they are just uninformed paper pushers).

Carsonites, take a trip to downtown Gardnerville with its congested four-lane traffic, limited parking and not so wide sidewalks. They have wonderful stores. If I could find the merchandise in Carson, I would buy local. Try getting down Carson Street when the city has one lane blocked while putting up banners. It is a horror story. Also, try getting the plans for all these expenditures — they don’t exist. Put it to a vote!

Judy White

Carson City

What kind of an example are we setting for world?

Are we setting an example for the world? Our government complains about the Russians in the Ukraine. It complains about the Syrians using chemical weapons on it’s people, yet our FBI launches incendiary chemical weapons into a house using propane for heat. Teargas canisters are incendiary. The people had not been found guilty of any crimes and at the time were not under any indictments. Obama was in Congress at the time and did nothing to hold the FBI accountable.

I guess we truly are setting an example for the world — it is just a poor one.

Rob Cobb Jr.

Carson City


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