Fallon runners put on show

Fallon's Sarah Wilcox, left, and Kari Lister stand on the podium after finishing first and third, respectively, in the women's 30-34 age group of the half marathond at the Reno Downtown River Run on Sunday.

Fallon's Sarah Wilcox, left, and Kari Lister stand on the podium after finishing first and third, respectively, in the women's 30-34 age group of the half marathond at the Reno Downtown River Run on Sunday.

Fallon showed its chops at the renewed Reno marathon on Sunday.

After a several-year hiatus, the race returned to the Biggest Little City rebranded as the Reno Running and Fitness Downtown River Run.

Thirty-six Fallon runners took to the course, which toured the Truckee River and, for the two Fallon marathon runners, a journey up to Verdi and back. More than 1,000 people competed in the race, which included a half marathon, 10K, 5K and 1-mile run for children.

Joining the mix of Fallon runners also include about a dozen members of the Clockwork Running Club and Kaia Fit.

Stan Lattin and Shauna Gibson had impressive showings in the marathon as Lattin placed sixth in the men’s 40-49 age division and 27th overall with a time of 4 hours, 8 minutes, 57 seconds. Gibson, meanwhile, finished ninth in the women’s 40-49 class and 55th overall coming in at 5:07:20.

The day’s big winner, though, was Sarah Wilcox, who took first place in the women’s 30-34 division, was second in the women’s race and finished ninth overall in the half marathon with a time of 1:29:80. The half marathon was the largest race of the day with 488 finishers.

Kari Lister, another season runner, was not far behind Wilcox, coming in third (1:38:37) in the class and 40th overall.

The godmother of Fallon running, however, showed she still has what it takes to win. Devere Karlson, who will run in Monday’s Boston Marathon, took first in the 50-59 women’s class (148th overall) with a mark of 1:54:24.

“It was a fun run, great course … and thoroughly enjoyed it,” she said. “It’s a beautiful course, great scenery and you go by the river. They (organizers) did a great job.”

But Fallon’s presence was more than the seasoned vets, as first-runner Callie Black, a former College of Holy Cross volleyball player, took fourth in the women’s 20-24 group with a time of 1:58:16.

Dominque Jones added another top 10 finish for Fallon runners placing ninth in the women’s 40-44 division (1:58:54) and was 204th overall.

The men, meanwhile, chipped in to the collection of top 10s as Robert Belinger was fifth in the 30-34 class (1:31:34) and was 16th overall. Jay Horsley, president of the Clockwork Running and Fitness Club, came across the line in third for the 45-49 division (1:40:47) and was 55th overall.

“We had a very big showing from the club,” Horsley said. “The weather was beautiful. It was just a great day for it.”

Jerry Gantar took sixth in the 55-59 class (2:19:23)., while Rear Adm. Andy Lewis of Naval Air Station Fallon took 10th in the 50-54 class with a mark of 1:58:22 (197th overall).

The 10K runners, meanwhile, also had their share of success as Tiffany Allyn placed fourth in the 35-39 division (50:12), Carry Thibaut was seventh in the 34-39 class (52:09) and Danielle Srentz took eighth in the men’s 45-49 group with a time of 1:03:05.

Of the eight Fallon runners out of a field of 409 in the 5K, seven placed in the top 10 in their respective divisions.

Nikki Reynolds won the 55-59 class (26:22), while Danielle Brown was fifth in the 16-19 group (36:28). Also coming in near the top were Linda Rothery in sixth in the 50-54 class (33:16), Julie Moore in eighth in the 40-44 division (31:48).

On the men’s side, Charlie Brown was second in the 11-15 class (38:47), Ryan Ramsey came in fifth in the 1-10 group (39:00) and Charles Brown finished in ninth in the 40-44 division (36:32).

Other Fallon finishers including in the women’s half marathon Carri Richards Arcor (2:51:26, 65th in 30-34), Wendy Bullock (2:17:42, 75th, 35-39), Dia Blake (2:51:25, 47th, 35-39), Malinda Sammaripa (2:17:42, 23rd, 40-44), Stephanie Brown (2:22:30, 29th, 40-44), Wendy Shank (2:51:25, 43rd, 40-44) and Laura Ramsay (47:47, 12th, 50-54).

The men’s finishers included Steve Miller (2:11:28, 16th, 50-54) and Chris Warga (2:07:07, 23rd, 30-34).

The 10K finishers are Angela Guthrie (1:01:39, 30th, 30-34), Andrea Reynolds (1:05:03 44th, 30-34), Meg Antonio (1:39:45, 67th, 30-34), Jen Mitchell (56:21, 15th, 45-49) and Rhonda Stiehl (1:05:04, 19th, 45-49).

The men’s finisher was Tim Mitchell (56:21, 13th, 35-39).


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