Charter Review unit’s full plate untouched

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A full plate at the Carson City Charter Review Committee was bypassed this week, with much of the contents wrapped up and set aside to be brought to the table another day.

Several items were postponed Wednesday, died for lack of a second or continued after lengthy discussions.

Postponed, for example, was a proposal to have the committee take a stance on whether city school board trustees’ nominees should be chosen in the primary by district but elected at large. The plan was proposed by Maurice White, a Republican and former candidate for the Board of Supervisors who is retired and active in monitoring city government. White also serves on the Airport Authority.

Some committee members were unsure his proposal came under their purview and jurisdiction.

Continued to a later meeting was another citizen-backed plan for elections dealing with supervisors. It was advanced by former committee member John Vettel. It would nominate and elect supervisors in both the primary and the general election by ward, retaining only selection of the mayor on a citywide basis.

Chairman Rob Joiner made favorable comments but advocated the continuance to gain more public input. Member Larry Messina countered that he wants all five members on the Board of Supervisors representing him rather than just the mayor and the supervisor from his ward.

There already is a ballot question asking citizens in November their views on changing the current format to allow nomination for supervisor by ward but election at-large on citywide basis.

That plan was supported by an earlier version of the committee, then put on the ballot by the Board of Supervisors for this November, but this new committee membership could decide to advance the different plan on a parallel track. In the final analysis, however, the state makes the ultimate decision.

Supervisor Jim Shirk also appeared before the committee, asking it to consider three matters. Joiner asked him to put them in writing. They will be heard at a subsequent meeting. The next committee session was set for May 20.


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