Letters to the editor, Sunday, Aug. 3, 2014

Rudolph got what he deserved

How sweet is it. Finally, scum bag Joseph Rudolph gets what he deserved. Too bad he only suffered for two hours. I would have kept him for eight hours on gasping for air and in agony. It was too good for him. I can’t believe people are protesting how cruel it was to let him suffer. I guess it was OK for him to kill two people. Wake up Americans. If this scum dirt bag had killed one of their family members, they would not have been there protesting. He probably would have killed the policemen if he had the chance. Now he will for ever burn in the Gate of Hades. Hooray.

Liliane Relfe

Carson City

Credit won’t make up for rate increase

Recent newspapers stated NV Energy wants a rate increase to pay for the Smart Meters that none of us wanted. It needs to be stated previously NV Energy that a U.S. Department of Energy grant would provide nearly half of the approximate $303 million cost. It was anticipated that NV Energy’s share of the cost would come from future operational savings. NV Energy expected to save as much as $25 million annually to help cover the remaining portion and help hold down costs for customers. Gee, what do you supposed happened to that thinking, logic, and rationale? Seems it turned out to be a load of crap, doesn’t it? Oh, and if anyone thinks this was offset by a customer credit received this past January, please note that it was a whopping “one-time merger credit” of $8.60. Hardly offsets a rate increase which will last “forever” or until it gets overrun by the next rate increase!

Kathy Coleson


Plenty of blame for flooding

There is plenty of blame to go around over the flooding/mudding in the Johnson Lane area. Many culverts have been blocked and reported to road maintenance dept. to no avail and some runoff ditchs overgrown with weeds and again very slow reaction from the road department. Our roads used to be cared for and culverts cleaned, but no longer. Where is our tax money going? Then you have home owners who bought property with small ditchs that they did not like so they filled them in. Wow, how smart was that and especially since many of these lots are on slopes. They should have realized there was a reason for these and checked with the county. There are too many ATVers who do not stay on the designated trails and go off on their own destroying vegetation that helps hold water back and gives flood water a new open runoff route. Our weather is changing and even if you call this a 100 year flood, it could happen again in a week so people, take some time to check your property for proper run off exits.

Thelma Rogers


Tomasco, crew were on the ball

I live on a Cul-de-Sac that gets a lot of semi truck traffic on it due to the street appearing that it is a “thru-street.”

Turning onto my street recently (the week of July 21-25) I noticed a City Public Works crew painting stop bars at the intersection. I pulled over to ask the crew working about the possibility of having a No Outlet sign attached to the street name sign to, hopefully, prevent the big trucks from turning down the street then having problems trying to turn back around.

A gentleman, John Tomasco, stated they would get on the request. On Friday, July 25, 2014, I noticed the No Outlet sign was put atop the street name sign. Thank you to John Tomasco and the other two workers (I apologize for not having your names) for prompt service. This Crew was professional and friendly during the conversation and working diligently in our hot weather snap. I urge their Managers to please give them the positive recognition these gentlemen are due.

Lisa Helget

Carson City

It’s a dog park, not a pig pen

Fuji Dog Park fenced area was in part paid for with donations through Parks For Paws. The dog park was needed due to special events on the grass area and free roaming off leash dogs became prohibited. The special event dog shows were increasingly conflicting with the ordinary dogs so the dog park was created to resolve the problem to my understanding. Now the new Fuji Dog Park has been taken over for a special event, the fair to pen pigs. Parks For Paws collected approximately $12,000 for the park. People who donated for the enclosed area were not informed the new dog park would be used for special events or I assure you there would not have been donations for the enclosed area. If Carson is going to use the dog park for farm animals then the city should have flipped the entire bill for the dog park.

Is this going to be a common occurrence by the city now that the dog park is completed?

I am well aware the city owns the property, but the city did not tell any of us donating money to help fund the dog park that it would be used for anything other than an off leash dog park. The sign clearly says “Dog Park,” not Pig Pen.

I suggest those who use the dog parks attend the meeting Tuesday with parks and recreation as this will be discussed.

Nanci D Lemburg



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