Carson City health inspections

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Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspection for Aug. 14. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

Walmart Supercenter #3408 produce department, 3200 Market St., 99 points. Some of the spigots of the “misters” over the produce displays are dirty with biofilm build-up.

Walmart Supercenter #3408 bakery, 3200 Market St., 100 points.

Super Burrito, 1250 South Carson St., 100 points.

Los Caporales Supermarket take out, 1621 East Highway 50 #G, 98 points. Foods that are prepared on site are not labelled in the walk-in. There are no test strips to verify the chlorine concentration of the sanitizer solutions.

Los Caporales Supermarket bakery, 1621 East highway 50 #G, 92 points. Bakery items and food in the walk-in are not labeled. Dry food bins are not labeled. The reach-in holding a prepared cake and flan has an ambient temperature of 53 degrees. Thick white mold growth is present on the fan guards and surrounding equipment surfaces and walls of the walk-in. Handles of refrigerators and the outsides of containers of foods in the bakery are dirty. The outdoor garbage area has excess trash scattered about and the dumpster lids are not closed. Water is ponding in the walk-in. The floor in the bakery is not clean. Ceiling tiles are missing in the bakery and the rear door by the mop sink room is lacking adequate weather-stripping to prevent pest entry.

Los Caporales Supermarket meat department ,1621 East highway 50 #G, 97 points. All violations from the last inspection on June 30 are corrected except for a certified food handler shall be working in this department during all hours of food operations.

Los Caporales Supermarket, bakery, 1621 East highway 50 #G 98 points. Follow up inspection: Bakery items are not labeled as to their ingredients. The ceiling tiles in the bakery kitchen have been removed again by the property management due to roof leaks from recent rains, and the condenser in the bakery walk-in is leaking.

Los Caporales Supermarket, mobile food vehicle, 1621 East highway 50 #G, 100 points.


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