Library’s interactive way to reading books

Wayne Ferguson from That's Magic Entertainment dazzles children during the library's summer reading program with magic that left the children in awe.

Wayne Ferguson from That's Magic Entertainment dazzles children during the library's summer reading program with magic that left the children in awe.

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The Churchill County Library recently ended its summer reading program with an increase of more than 50 children from last year.

Carol Lloyd, library director, said the library had 560 children and teenagers attended the program this year.

“It seems like the program continues to grow each year,” Lloyd said. “We had 51 teenagers participate in the program this year. They didn’t participate in the younger kids programs but we did design three events specifically for them. Next year we’re hoping to expand their program and include something for adults … but we’re still figuring that all out.”

Lloyd said Jeslyn MacDiarmid, children’s librarian, did a great job with the summer reading program and the activities the children participated in.

“The children had various activates that were offered to them throughout the day,” Lloyd said. “We had our regular story time, arts and crafts and on Thursdays we had our ‘big events’ that drew in over 1,800 people throughout the nine Thursdays. Everyone loved the Thursday programs, even the parents.”

Many great acts performed at the library on Thursdays, Lloyd added.

“I believe the children had a favorite when it came to the acts,” Lloyd said. “I think ‘Wild Things’ won it hands down. The people from ‘Wild Thing’s brought in live exotic animals that had been rescued. They brought a huge alligator, a red kangaroo, an African pixie frog, a Kinkajou and several other neat animals. The guy who rescued the animals was great about making sure all of the children were able to touch the alligator and he was very interactive with the children and they really enjoyed that.”

Lloyd said another favorite was That’s Magic Entertainment. She said the magic show has been put on at the library’s summer reading programs for years and entertaining the children each time.

“The summer reading program really promotes reading,” Lloyd said. “Over the nine weeks children can participated in reading books and bringing the list of what they read into the library each week and when they brought the list in the children would be allowed to take home a book of their choice to keep. Books in the home helps children succeed in the future. Reading helps keep their skills up for the home or in school and it keeps them excited about reading.”

Lloyd said the staff and volunteers this year for the summer reading program were amazing. She said the volunteers went “above and beyond” to make sure the program was successful.

The summer reading program does not have a limit on how many children may participate each year, Lloyd said. She said the list for next year’s events will be put together in the next couple of months and then finalized at the end of the year.

“I’m excited for next year’s program,” Lloyd said. “I feel like the program will continue to grow, especially with our great staff directing the show. They really did a great job this year. It’s really important for us to make sure children continue to read and to read in their home. We want to make sure children have books in their home to do so.”


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