Carson City health inspections

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for Nov. 26. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

Family Vision, mobile food vehicle, scored 100 points.

Men Wielding Fire, Inc., mobile food vehicle, 100 points.

Red’s Old 395 Grill, caterer, 1055 S. Carson St., 100 points.

Hampton Inn & Suites, continental breakfast, 10 Hospitality Way, 100 points.

Little Caesar’s Pizza, 1820 E. William St., 99 points. The sanitizer test strips provided were fond damaged and not able to accurately measure sanitizer levels.

Viet Pho, 444 E. William St., Suite 6, 98 points. Multiple food items were found stored outside of original containers without a label or date. There was grease buildup on the hood.

Mom & Pop’s Diner, 224 S. Carson St., 96 points. A small bowl, used to serve fruit, was found sitting in the fruit, corrected on site. Biofilm buildup was found on the deflector shield of the ice machine.

Red’s Old 395 Grill, restaurant, 1055 S. Carson St., 96 points. A large piece of solid beef was being thawed in cold standing water, corrected on site. A knife was found stored in between the crack where two reach-in refrigerators meet. There was a buildup of dust on ceiling tiles near the air exchange.

Red’s Old 395 Grill, bar and lounge, 1055 S. Carson St., 95 points. Speed gun holsters were found with a significant buildup of biofilm. No paper towels were available at the hand sink.

Heidi’s Family Restaurant, 1020 N. Carson St., 93 points. The dishwasher was not providing an adequate amount of chlorine to properly sanitize the dishes. Whipped butter, a potentially hazardous food, was found with an internal temperature of 45 degrees. A chemical test kit was not provided to check sanitizer levels in the dishwasher or sanitizer buckets.


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