There’s only one Best of Fallon

The Best of Fallon contest in which are readers vote for their favorite businesses or individuals is nearing, and we are as anxious as our readers to open the voting.

The Best of Fallon has been one of community pride for those businesses and individuals who have received this prestigious honor.

We would also like to advise our readers that there is only one Best of Fallon and that is the local program sponsored by the Lahontan Valley News.

On Monday, the LVN received an email from a website asking if we wanted to buy an advertisement for the Best of Fallon. Naturally, we were surprised to receive an email that promoted “our” local program. In essence the introductory letter states the following: “We are looking for the best companies to represent our brand new directory, The Best of and Lahontan Valley News was recommended for inclusion as The Best of Fallon. Please understand that this is not like other online advertising, it’s much better. We will only feature 1 business per category. So once the category is filled, none of your competitors can get the spot.”

Furthermore, the email also stated, “To promote the website we will be sending out email blasts to our database of Fallon email addresses in addition to using broad Google adwords. Also, word of mouth will be a huge contributor.”

To be included in this company’s directory will cost upward to $300, and based on the information, only people who have the directory will see the business listings.

Translation: Money wasted for very little people in Fallon to see it.

Although this web business appears legitimate, we are wary when a offer appears “out of the blue” like this one. The area code from the salesman soliciting the information is from New York state, and it also appears he is soliciting advertising from scores of communities like Fallon that have a similar program such as the “Best of.” Three years ago, something similar occurred when local businesses began receiving emails congratulating them for being selected to the Best of Fallon and asking them to purchase advertising in a directory.

As for our Best of Fallon program, the LVN will begin promoting the annual event next month, and voting begins in late January. We have pushed the dates back this year to allow more time for voting. The winners will be announced in March rather than late February.

So, if you receive an email asking you to buy an ad so you can be in the Best of Fallon directory, be aware that this is not the local contest we provide to our readers.

If you have any questions on a suspicious or out-of-area email congratulating your Best of Fallon selection, it is not the real thing. Additionally, if you have any concerns, please contact us immediately and ask for one of our marketing specialists.

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