Mountain lion killed but is it the same cat from last week?

A Churchill County resident shot a mountain lion Thursday night after it attacked some ducks on his property.

The CCSO received the call and the Nevada Department of Wildlife was notified. The CCSO said the shooting occurred in the county southwest of Fallon.

As of Friday afternoon, NDOW personnel were doing a necropsy on the mountain lion to see if it was the same one that attacked several goats last week west of the city near the Fallon RV Park.

After the CCSO was notified of a mountain lion in the RV park area, a deputy who later arrived on the scene shot the mountain lion from a distance, wounding it.

Other residents in the area had also reported last week a big mountain lion roaming along the Carson River Corridor near McLean Road. The NDOW said the mountain lion that was shot Thursday night, though, was probably a male and weighed about 105-110 pounds.


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