Ametherm more than doubles its output

Ametherm has more than doubled manufacturing since 2013, when it made making an acquisition from Measurement Specialties, Inc., the Carson City company said Tuesday.

Ametherm, Inc., located at 961 Fairview Drive, said the surge came after acquiring the SURGE-GARD line of inrush current limiting thermistors, in addition to a wide range of NTC chip, surface-mount and disc thermistors for inclusion in the firm’s product line. The company, founded in 1994, specializes in inrush current limiting power thermistors for circuit protection in the power industry’s markets.

“We’ve experienced amazing growth over the past year,” said Eric Rauch, Ametherm president and chief executive. He said the growth came both organically and through the acquisitions to increase manufacturing and keep up with demand.

“We are also in a great position for further growth, especially in the temperature sensitive market, where the acquisition from Measurement Specialties allows us to offer our customers more sensing products om a wider variety of packages,” said Rauch. Specialties Measurement formerly was RTI Electronics.

In addition to the firm’s expansion through product line acquisitions, Ametherm’s legacy lines have experienced 7 percent growth in the past year due in large part to the company’s extensive worldwide distributor network, the company reported. The firm doubled the size of its manufacturing plant with the purchase of a new, 36,000 square foot facility a year ago.

Devices made and distributed by Ametherm are optimized for a variety of applications, including AC motors, power supplies, motor drives, audio amplifiers, batter chargers, air sensors, high-speed computers, MRIs, X-ray machines and heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.


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