NAS Fallon receives $51.3 million for 3 projects

Naval Air Station Fallon will receive moe than $51 million for three major projects.

Naval Air Station Fallon will receive moe than $51 million for three major projects.

Naval Air Station Fallon and Nellis Air Force Base east of Las Vegas are receiving $110 million in government funding from the Fiscal Year 2015 Ominus Legislation that was recently passed by the U.S. Senate.

The funding will be for new and upgraded facilities and maintenance at the two military facilities. Fallon will receive $51.3 million. Nothing was included for the National Guard.

“Nevada’s military installations play a critical role in protecting Nevada and our nation,” said Sen Harry Reid, D-Nev., who released the information.

Both he and Sen. Dean Heller worked together to secure millions of dollars in funding for Naval Air Station Fallon.

“This money will allow Fallon to update its facilities so it has all the resources it needs,” Reid said. “The funding will be used to support F-35 training missions, Tactical Ground Mobility Training and grow Fallon’s Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center. These updates will ensure that installations in Nevada are on the cutting edge of efforts to protect our homeland well into the future.”

According to Heller’s office, the senator recognizes how the “brave men and women in the military” play an important role in protecting our country.

“Having Naval Air Station Fallon receive these resources makes our nation safer and stronger,” Heller spokesman Neal Patel said.

Because these are policy issues, NAS Fallon personnel could not comment on the funding.

Funding For Naval Air Station Fallon includes the following:

$27.7 million for Air Wing Facility

This facility will support the increased capabilities provided by the F-35 aircraft. Adequate applied instruction space is required to support current growth at the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center and enable the mission to provide graduate level training to Naval Aviators and conduct integrated Carrier Air Wing training.

The applied instruction building will include Secure Compartmented Information Facility, Secret Internet Protocol Router Network, Unclassified but sensitive Internet Protocol Router Network, Automated Logistics Information System, and Simultaneous Mission Playback capabilities. The applied instruction building will also include classrooms, administrative, storage, technical training, and support areas.

$3.4 million for Facility Alteration for F-35 Training Mission

The F-35 will arrive at NAS Fallon in 2017. As the next generation strike-fighter for the Navy, a training facility is required to support the West Coast Fleet Readiness Squadron. Unique technology and infrastructure requirements for the new platform require new construction.

This project alters an existing hangar, Building 300, to support the F-35 training mission. Alterations include the renovation of existing hangar bay, maintenance shop, and administrative areas. Building renovation design will include Autonomic Logistics Information System network and connections, Special Access Program Facility, Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Surveillance Technology protection, Closed Circuit Television system and Intrusion Detection System.

The project also constructs a Pre-Engineered Building for a gun maintenance shop.

$20.2 million for SOF Tactical Ground Mobility Vehicle Maintenance Facility

This facility supports Tactical Ground Mobility vehicle maintenance and training for Naval Special Warfare Group Two. Functional spaces will include vehicle staging and maintenance, administrative, operational gear storage and applied instruction.

Naval Special Warfare Group Two has a requirement to conduct Tactical Ground Mobility Unit Level Training, a 19-day course that is conducted 12 times annually and requires space for up to 160 personnel.

Students train in the classroom and “hands on” vehicle maintenance facility prior to training on the range. Students are taught battle damage repair, basic driving skills, static shooting, figure-eight shooting tactics, blank fire and maneuver against opposing forces non-standard vehicle driving tactics and urban are live-fire training.

Funding for Nellis AFB:

$14 million for F-22 Flight Simulator Facility

$31 million for F-35 Aircraft Maintenance Unit

$8.9 million for F-35 Weapons School Facility


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