Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014

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Make Carson a city we all can be proud of

Open letter to Supervisors —

Carson City ... a city, but more importantly the capital of Nevada. Only one city in each state of this great country has that claim and distinction. Our history is extraordinary. Our city yearns to be the most innovative and the most attractive. When visitors come to Carson City, whether it is on business, an official visit or pleasure, they should say, “Wow ...”

Please vote to improve Carson City into a city that every citizen can be proud on all fronts.

Genevieve Frederick

Carson City

Reagan’s job bill was simply good planning

Regarding the Kelly Jones Jan. 2 comments on President Reagan’s luck in promoting his deficit spending job bill while the Fed was reducing inflation, it was just good planning. Lowering the cost of living does in fact create jobs. His deficit spending bill probably hastened the employment process. The September 1982 10.8 percent unemployment rate fell to 7.2 percent by November 1984, and the 1981 10.3 percent inflation rate fell to 3.2 percent by 1983. Unfortunately, inflated prices never return to their previous cost of living level (NBER stats).

Five recession and three decades later (1973-2007), the cost of foreign oil and its subsequent by-products all but halted our service-related economy.

As for the wealthy and rich amongst us, well ... where would we be without them? In 2010, the top one percent (1.35 million) taxpayers paid $354.8 billion, or 37.4 percent of all federal income taxes. That same year, the bottom 95 percent (128.3 million) taxpayers paid $388.4 billion, or 40.9 percent of all income taxes. About half of the 95 percent (58 million) paid either no income tax or received a refund (American Tax Institute).

As for my niggling on an accurate statement, well, the word might be better served on an inaccurate statement. But I do like the word.

Ron Wood



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