Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014

Belief in freedom isn’t tied to political party

I can’t be the only reader to wonder why Peter Hennessey’s advertisement for the Carson City Republican Central Committee was published as a letter to the editor. You can’t blame him for trying, but the Appeal publishing a hard sell pitch like that on the opinion page seemed a bit odd to say the least.

I am an active Democrat, but unlike Mr. Hennessey, I would never suggest that only my political party believes in freedom. This is America, after all. Both Democrats and Republicans are passionate about freedom, and many of both parties have defended it to the death. Nobody should try to make freedom a political issue.

All types of community service deserve to be honored and encouraged. America, being a democracy, grass roots party organizations are a great way to make a meaningful contribution, but so are service clubs, churches, cultural activities, charities, and advocacy groups.

Just to keep the Appeal fair and balanced, let me say that Carson City’s Democratic Headquarters is at 502 John St. and can be reached by calling 775-841-3367. Central Committee meetings are at 6:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month.

Rich Dunn

Carson City

Kind neighbors aided father after his fall

I would like to thank the concerned neighbors (especially the kind gentleman who came knocking on my parents’ front door) and the extremely attentive paramedics who assisted my father when he experienced a fall while out for a walk on Jan. 6.

Your care was so much more appreciated than I believe I managed to express at the time, and I am very, very grateful. My father is doing well and healing slowly but surely from his cuts and bruises. Again, thank you!

Marguerite Paul

Carson City


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