Letters to the editor for Friday, July 4, 2014

Be safe and enjoy the holiday weekend

Independence Day is upon us and many of you will take to the roads to visit our local lakes, rivers and parks. Should you find yourself celebrating the holiday with adult beverages, remember to designate a driver or take a taxi cab home.

If you are boating, stay sober while on the water. Operating a watercraft on a crowded lake takes skill and reflexes to avoid crashes or injury to swimmers. Enjoying this time with friends and family can be fun; however, they are expecting you, their captain, to get them back to dry land safely.

Swimming in a river? Being intoxicated is never a good idea, as there are water hazards and undertows that you must be prepared for. Alcohol affects your judgment and your ability to control your body’s motor functions.

Fireworks are a part of this holiday, but do the wise thing — enjoy those that are being provided throughout the area. Setting off your own may create a fire in the dry brush. Fire danger is extremely high, and we must all act responsibly to prevent disaster.

Should you come across an armed services member, take a moment to thank them for their service and sacrifice. Above all, be safe and enjoy the holiday.

Sgt. Scott McDaniel

Carson City Sheriff’s Office

Fireworks serve as reminder of war to some vets

As you enjoy the celebration of our Nations Independence Day, please remember that many of our veterans don’t experience fireworks displays the same way that those of you who have never been the target of enemy fire do. While you enjoy the colors and sounds of exploding fireworks our veterans are catapulted back to what they felt at those times they were on the receiving end of incoming rounds. Whether it was artillery, mortars or rockets those times are indelibly etched into their memories. No one who has experienced the sounds of incoming rounds will ever forget it. It really isn’t something that can be explained to others and I know that I hope none of you ever have to have that experience. I certainly don’t want to throw a wet blanket on anyone’s good time but please, respect the fact that many of us are not able to see it the same way you do. God Bless America!

David Knighton

Carson City


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