Rick and Patty Bachman: Thank you for turning situation into best start of marriage

My wife to be and I started out from Vallejo, Calif., by train to Reno in order to elope. Our original plans to marry were derailed six months prior due to the death of one of my daughters.

The tragedy that occurred has prevented the well-laid previous nuptial dates to be indefinitely postponed. Complications for healing has affected us all with the loss of my daughter. With the blessings of both of our kids Patty and I boarded the train in Martinez, Calif., headed to Reno to fulfill our dream together. We rented a car in Reno headed to Virginia City to experience the planned celebrations of the Fourth of July. We missed the original turn and decided to find refreshments in Carson City first. Upon leaving Starbucks I realized approximately a mile down the road I had not closed the rear trunk and also could not locate my wallet. We turned around and immediately returned to Starbucks because I was convinced I had left it on the curb while changing clothes and it had been confiscated by a couple of local chaps that would probably be missed labeled as “seedy looking pair.”

We contacted the Carson City Sheriff’s Office who obviously have better things to do than investigate a lost wallet. They explained the shortage of deputy time available because of the holiday and other pending calls that would be handled first .Well, we walked the roadside looking for anything that would be helpful. Again we were in despair at the possible loss of my license and being dead in the water. After an hour we were told by the Sheriff’s Office a citizen had found parts of my wallet and the driver’s license that was extremely necessary for our wedding. The people described seeing a slurry of money in the air as a car sped down the street. The fault here was truly mine not the presumed mislabeled seedy chaps. The couple and daughter picked up many things, cash included and then called in a report.

An emotional meeting occurred when the driver’s license was reunited with us. We were mentally exhausted. It was late and getting dark so we decided to pull up in Carson City watch the fireworks and enjoy pizza. We settled in at a motel on Highway 395 coming into town. The motel was charming, clean and neat, something out of the past with chalet roofs and old cedar shingles. We went to bed thinking and remembering all the people that helped us out that day and we decided then to marry in Carson City at the courthouse.

Well, we get up, dressed up to the occasion, Patty, in a beautiful spring dress and I in a suit that would best be described as seeing a pit bull dressed up. We get to the courthouse, papers prepared but need a witness. Luckily the young bride in the ceremony before immediately acted as our witness. All done, smiles everywhere and the solidification of my eternal love sealed with a Carson City certificate.

Amazingly also on that Monday after returning home we were again told by the Sheriff’s Office another citizen turned in the remaining of our lost wallet items and they are being mailed to us.

So I say to all of the Citizens of Carson City, the helpful Sheriff’s Office, you all turned a truly dumb accident on my part into the best start of our marriage together. Patty and I thank you so much for showing people can care and help total strangers.

Thanks oh so much.


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