Letter to the editor, Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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Segerblom is an example of why term limits exist

State Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-District 3-Las Vegas, submitted two bill drafts regarding term limits and taxes that should be of concern to all Nevada citizens.

I find it ironic that the article regarding these bill drafts appeared in the Nevada Appeal on Independence Day, July 4. Sen. Segerblom should review his U.S. history and relearn that one of the reasons for the Declaration of Independence was the taxes imposed upon the citizenry by the government. The current two-thirds majority provides some safeguards to the citizens of Nevada from overzealous legislators. The bill draft to abolish term limits, Segerblom is quoted in the article as saying “With our hands tied behind our backs, we can’t do anything”. Sen. Segerblom, term limits were approved by the voters (citizenry) of Nevada in 1996. The voters gave you and other elected officials 12 years to “do something”. If you and other politicians can’t get the job done in 12 years, you need to be and should be replaced.

Being elected to office is an honor bestowed upon you by the citizens of Nevada. Term limits ensure that our elected government officials, both, local and state, are citizens, not career politicians.

Sen. Segerblom, your arrogance by going against the will of the people shows your disdain for the voters and citizens of Nevada, a trait all too common in our elected officials at every level. You sir, are a perfect example why term limits should be retained.

Terry Callison

Carson City


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