Fallon sets additional record-breaking highs

Youngsters cool off in the city's swimming pool on Monday as the mercury soared to 105 degrees.

Youngsters cool off in the city's swimming pool on Monday as the mercury soared to 105 degrees.

Fallon’s temperatures soared into triple digits for the past four days with longtime records being broken on two of those days.

Monday’s high of 106 recorded at Naval Air Station Fallon shortly before 4 p.m. broke the record of 103 set in 1925.

Sunday’s high of 105, which also occurred in Lovelock, snapped a record established in 1917 for both communities.

Tuesday’s unoffical high of 104 tied a 2005 record.

A strong high pressure formed over western areas of Northern Nevada late last week and prompted the National Weather Service to issue a heat advisory.

First the bad news: Temperatures will still be hot,nearing the century mark for the next few days. Now the good news from the National Weather Service in Reno.

“Thunderstorm activity will cool you off a bit, and the high pressure is moving a little bit to the east,” said NWS meteorologist Zack Tolby.

With the high pressure moving east, Tolby said the area will not experience any more record-breaking temperatures anytime soon.

“We’ll stay fairly warm but won’t have a big cool down in the immediate future,” he said.

Tolby said Fallon normally has higher summer temperatures than the Reno-Carson City area because Churchill County is tucked in a basin and located further away from the mountains. Since Fallon’s elevation is under 4,000 feet — almost 440 feet lower than Reno — Tolby said the are tends to be slightly warmer.

The forecast for the rest of the week calls for temperatures to reach 100 today and Thursday and then in the higher 90s through the weekend with a 10 percent chance of thundershowers. Morning lows will continue to hover around the 70-degree mark.

Additionally, both federal and stage government agencies have issued fire warnings for Northern Nevada and advise people to be extremely careful.


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