Highway 50 East repaving begins tonight

Granite Construction starts repaving U.S. 50 east of Carson City tonight.

A spokesman for the Nevada Department of Transportation said the $6 million contract will repave and improve the highway from Arrowhead Drive at Carson City’s eastern border to a mile east of State Route 341, the cutoff to Gold Hill and Virginia City.

Meg Ragnoese of NDOT said most of the work will be done in the evening and overnight with one eastbound lane closed 7 p.m. to 11 a.m. weekdays and similar single lane closures will occur westbound from 1 p.m. until 5:30 a.m.

At SR341, the project will create what engineers call a “T” intersection. There will be an acceleration lane for cars heading toward Carson City, a left turn lane for cars heading from Carson to Virginia City and a right turn lane for cars turning onto SR341 from the east — all separated by raised concrete medians. There will also be an acceleration lane for cars turning left and heading east from SR341 onto U.S. 50.

A similar “T” intersection will be created at Flint Drive.

A concrete barrier will be installed from Flint Drive down the hill to Carson City to prevent the head-on crashes that have killed several people over the past few years.

Carson Sheriff Kenny Furlong said he was especially pleased with the concrete barrier separating opposing traffic lanes.

In addition, a frontage road will be constructed between Dorff and Jeanette just south of where SR341 meets U.S. 50.

The overall project started in June with improvements to driveway approaches to the highway and 14 added drainage outlets along with electrical work for added roadway lighting.

Ragonese said the repaving should be completed by mid-August and the entire project done before winter.


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