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The Vivian Mill in about 1885. The mill was the eastern most mill in Carson River Canyon.

The Vivian Mill in about 1885. The mill was the eastern most mill in Carson River Canyon.

140 Years Ago

Four of John Doble’s children, two boys and two girls are down with smallpox. They have been removed to the County Hospital. An immigrant woman who had the disease stopped by at Mr. Doble’s house, and they probably contracted it from her. (Chronicle)

130 Years Ago

Part III: I lay for some time musing over a past I would rather forget. I rose to a sitting posture and glanced toward an opposite corner of the cabin and saw two men talking. The one, a young and slightly formed person, was listening with reluctance to a burly fellow with a sinister and repulsive countenance who was trying to get the younger in joining him in some measure. A third person, a middle-aged man, without a moment’s warning, seized an axe and dashed it into the newcomer’s brain. (continued on Thursday)

110 Years Ago

Thirty thousand acres of Government land is to be allotted according to Engineer L. H. Taylor of the United States Reclamation service. The land will probably be thrown open to home seekers next week. The subdivisions are made according to the conditions of the land, the richness of the soil and the work to cultivate it. Every acre of land is located in Churchill County…

70 Years Ago

Wayne McLeod announced that he had sold his interest in the Carson Hot Springs to Richard L. Waters, co-owner and operator of the Springs.

50 Years Ago

Photo caption: Stamp ceremonies — Festivities honoring the official sale of the Nevada Centennial Commemorative Stamp were held beginning with the firing of rockets at the airport. Sponsored by the Rocker Research Institute Inc., the demonstration consisted of the firing of three cargo rockets each carrying 30-pound payloads containing a total of 3,000 special souvenir rockets envelopes carrying the Centennial stamp and a rocket seal. William “Bill” Rogers, Carson City, Pony Express rider, received from Gov. Grant Sawyer an envelope which he will deliver to the Wagon Train.

30 Years Ago

Born at Carson Tahoe Hospital to: Sydney and Jeffrey Hannon of Gardnerville, a daughter; Carolyn and Michael Detar of Sparks, a son; Gail and Dale Mauer of Carson City, a daughter.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006


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