Letters to the editor for Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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Wheeler shares writer’s values

In February I sent 35 questions to Robin Reedy and Jim Wheeler. Wheeler replied immediately, but Reedy emailed she would like to talk. Last month I sent Reedy three questions regarding her stand on Common Core; should the federal Department of Education or state or local boards control education; should Nevada join 10 western states to demand the federal government turn over federal lands to the states as was routinely done for the rest of the country or does Nevada lack standing on that issue?

Again, Reedy only wanted to talk. Why? Wheeler did not duck a single issue. Reedy has exceptional knowledge of state finances. She knows how to work the system.

But Wheeler shares my values, stands up for his beliefs. Yes, he is unpolished and stumbles. But I am tired of compromises. We must return to our forefathers’ values based upon Judeo-Christian principles, even by those who were neither Christians nor Jews. They believed so strongly in those values they even put aside their strong differences, fought, and gave their lives to form a “more perfect union.”

Our country faces death as we set aside our principles, overlook egregious actions by government, and settle for compromise. Now is the time to stand or succumb to the death knell.

Maybe it’s too late, but we have nothing more to lose. Either we change now or become another world power that fell to debt for lack fortitude. Vote for Jim Wheeler.

Judy Jacobs


Dayton roads and parks looking better

I am struck when I drive down Dayton Valley Road in Dayton how different the median dividers look. In previous years all I saw was dying plants, weeds and broken irrigation shooting water into traffic. Now we see beautiful Nevada kind plants and decorative rock and no weeds. Although this requires less maintenance, it is being done. We also see roads being maintained, striping and filling in cracks and pot holes.

All this is the work of one man, Mike Workman, who supervises not only Dayton Utilities but also Lyon County roads and in his spare time Lyon County parks. He took on these added duties because of Lyon County’s financial woes, and he is doing a heck of a job. Let’s all give Mike three cheers!

Ronald Adams



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