Teacher jailed for sexual conduct with student to get parole hearing

The former Carson High teacher convicted of sexual misconduct with a student will get her first parole hearing sometime in July.

Jennifer Dalton, 36, pleaded no contest to the charge after another teacher saw her and a 17-year-old male student “hugging and kissing” on the couch in a classroom.

The arrest reports at the time stated they were not charging she had sex with the boy. But the co-teacher who reported the conduct said Dalton told her afterward, “if they were not interrupted, it might have gone further.”

State law specifically prohibits sexual conduct between a school district employee and students 17 and younger.

The incident occurred in August, 2011. Dalton was escorted from the school grounds and subsequently terminated.

Judge James Wilson sentenced her to 12-30 months in prison last October.

No specific parole hearing date has yet been set.


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