Letters to the editor for Sunday, June 15, 2014

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Nothing but kudos to Reno VA

I have been receiving treatment from the Reno VA medical center for over 20 years and have nothing but kudos for the entire facility and staff. I have been treated with overwhelming courtesy and respect and have received the best of care possible. Yes, I have waited 30-60 days for an appointment to see a “specialist,” but that seems to be the norm in private practice as well.

I am reminded both by mail and by telephone of all appointments way in advance and again a few days prior. I have not had a problem securing an appointment with my primary care physician. If I have a question before or after an appointment, I can call and speak to my physician directly or the physician’s assistant.

The pharmacy does an outstanding job as well. Waiting time in the pharmacy lobby is maybe 45 minutes at most to receive a new prescription or a refill. I have waited much longer for a drugstore to do the same. If I do not have time to wait, the prescription will be mailed to me and received in four to five days.

I don’t know about the Phoenix facility, but hats off to the Reno VA!

Al Nicholson

Carson City

Government should focus on protecting borders

What is wrong with our justice system that allows felons who are also illegal immigrants back on our streets without mandatory deportation? I guess that murder is no longer a serious enough crime to warrant deportation. Close to 200 of new arrivals have also committed murder. Over 36,000 have been released from detention centers that were scheduled to be deported. Of those, 27,000 have been convicted of serious crimes. I’m sure that they will be taking full advantage of our welfare benefits.

Most of the recently-hired immigration attorneys belong to groups which support open borders. These groups also receive federal funding.

The number of illegal immigrants is vastly underestimated. The number living in Southern California is six million alone. The total in state of California exceeds the government’s estimate for the whole U.S. American Immigration Control estimated 20 million illegal immigrants 15 years ago.

So, how many are really here illegally now? Probably double. Per our Constitution, our government is to protect our borders and citizens!

Steven J. McGrath

Carson City

Fonda not forgiven

I don’t know who excepted Jane Fonda’s apology, but I sure didn’t!

Earnest Bugg

Carson City

Only voters can save country

A World War II vet, old but not senile. America is not at war with any country, so we do not have prisoners at Gitmo. They are foreign criminals, murderers, and do not belong in an American prison, period, Mr. Obama. Don’t try to pull that same old rhetoric. You want to close Gitmo and you pulled a political, disgusting stunt that proved your ignorance. Sadly, you put America and its people in harm’s way. You are not the only one who comes up with sick rhetoric.

Reid is happy these murderers were released. He also referred to Americans (in Nevada) as terrorists. Seems all you clowns have something clever to say.

Mr. Kerry made an amicable statement regarding the “mid-East deal” using the word “apartheid.” Seems to me Hitler tried apartheid in the 1930s. Didn’t work out very well for the Jews!

Eric Holder made a bright statement declaring State Attorney Generals are not obligated to defend laws they believe are discriminatory. Could it be, for Instance, disregarding the fact that thousands are pouring in from the southern border and so out of hand Texas is bussing hundreds, including children, every day to Arizona bus stops?

Hillary made a brilliant remark regarding Benghazi stating, “What difference at this point does it make?” Tell that to the families of four dead Americans.

You, the American voter, can save this country. God bless America.

William Lepore, Sr.


Need more facts about prisoner exchange

It is distressing to see how people have attacked and judged Sgt. Bergdahl before any facts come out. Their judgements seem to be more political than anything else. I would think there are some other obvious reasons for Bergdahl to walk away from his post in a hostile environment. It is so irrational that I wonder if he should have been deployed to a combat zone in the first place.

Most people don’t get close to people suffering from mental illness and don’t understand it. There is a creepy factor that scares people when they are forced to look inside themselves and their own irrationalities. If Bergdahl wasn’t mentally ill at the time he walked into the wilds, he may well be now after five years as a captive of the Taliban, and from the reports from people who knew him when he was growing up, he started with a troubled mind.

I know a lot of folks hate Obama, but I think he did a good thing bringing Bergdahl back. I say this as an ex-Marine and a patriot. And let’s wait for a few more facts before judging the sergeant and Obama.

Ronald Adams


Impressed by Carson High graduation

My wife and I traveled to attend our granddaughter’s graduation on May 31 at Carson High School. There were over 500 students graduating that day. We settled in for a long morning and possibly into the afternoon. We were surprised! The ceremony was very well organized and moved right along.

We want to commend the school and staff for their thought and work that went into the day for the graduates. It went very smooth and all students were acknowledged by name and given their moment on the stage. The remarks by the students speaking were refreshing, and we believe that good points were made to the students and those attending.

It was our pleasure to share that day with the students, and we look forward to many more.

Joe and Cherie Cartier

Oroville, Calif.

Obama using tragedies to promote agenda

When is President Obama going to stop politicizing murder sprees by the mentally ill like we’ve recently seen in Seattle, Vegas and Oregon? His comments eluding to the fact that the United States isn’t the only nation that has to deal with the mentally ill, but our nation is the only one that allows them access to firearms; in an attempt to promote his anti-Second Amendment crusade was sickening.

The problem here isn’t guns, but rather the small minority of people who use them in these murderous rampages. Unfortunately, today’s society has an excuse or condition for everything rather than accepting the fact that there are truly bad people in this world. History has proven that dictators have always sought to disarm their populous to gain total control, usually bringing about the deaths of millions of innocents on the basis of race, religion or political ideology. The millions and millions of people killed by their own governments, in recent history, could have defended themselves if they only had firearms.

Our founding fathers, fully aware of the reality of a tyrannical government, protected future Americans with the Constitution and specifically the Second Amendment. It’s important for us to remember that. To think that a tyrannical government isn’t a possibility in modern America is foolhardy and dangerous. It can happen here and armed citizenry at the end of the day is the best line in the defense of liberty.

Mr. Obama, stop using these tragedies to promote your agenda!

Adam D. Hulme

Carson City


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