15 cases challenging lifetime supervision are settled

The Nevada Supreme Court has settled a group of 15 appeals challenging the imposition of lifetime supervision on inmates after their release from prison.

In each case, the high court ruled for the state and the parole board that imposed the supervision on ex-inmates. But it did so on a technicality.

Each of the orders states simply a petition challenging supervision is not available to an ex-felon who has expired his sentence and been released.

Each order contains the sentence: “A person on lifetime supervision may not file a post conviction petition for a writ of habeas corpus because he is not under a sentence of death or imprisonment as required by (statute).”

Lifetime supervision is most often imposed on inmates who were convicted of sex crimes.

In three of the cases, the ruling reinstates lifetime supervision on ex-inmates who won a district court order lifting the requirement.

All 15 orders were signed by justices Kris Pickering, Ron Parraguirre and Nancy Saitta.


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